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What You’re Missing Out By Not Geofencing!

If you have missed my other post about “what is geofencing and why should I care” you can access it here;   There are different factors that contribute to the failure of Proximity marketing advertising campaign such as not using geofences. Moreover, having a...

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Get to Know More About Geofencing in LeadFollow

Geofencing is one of the most popular contenders when it comes to location-based marketing. This location-based service has been proven to increase engagement, brand loyalty, and ROI. A powerful tool that can be used in multiple ways. Besides sending display Ads to...

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Event Targeting (Brief Overview)

Event Targeting (Brief Overview)

In this short tutorial, you’ll learn about event targeting, which is a cool ninja marketing capability. LeadFollow helps you do business with your dream clients and we have the technology that you’re absolutely going to implement in your marketing efforts. What is...

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Geotargeting in LeadFollow App

Geotargeting in LeadFollow App

There are a lot of ways that you can do in using your LeadFollow App. For example, taking advantage of the feature which is "Geotargeting". Geotargeting refers to the process of sending a specific Ad to a consumer based on location, online behavior, preferences, and...

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